Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My Table Got Plastered...then Clocked!

Since I never tire of talking about Plaster Paint (or using it), I thought I'd share about my first experience with it!  I turned a boring 36" octagonal dining table into something so much more fun. More interesting. More beautiful. A little unexpected. A lot unique!  

I chose Sweet Cream as the color and got to work painting the table and the base with NO sanding, NO stripping and NO favorite kind of project!  See how shiny and glossy the surface was and yet no prep work was needed...nada!

This is the base of the table as I started painting and the second picture is the base with one full coat painted on.

That's some pretty awesome coverage using an almost white paint on a glossy dark wood surface!

I painted two coats of Sweet Cream directly on the table top, after which I hand-painted the Roman numerals to make the table into a clock design!

I did some distressing and voila! She was complete!

This project has me completely HOOKED on Plaster Paint!

The Clock Table is now available for purchase at Cherry Tree Cottage Antiques in Beaumont, California!  Head on over and see all the goodies!

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